Mental Health Peer Support

Peerhear uses the Lived Experience mental health model via peer support. What does all that mean? Simply, it is that all of the Peerhear team have been through their own challenges. Now they have dedicated their lives to sharing their own message of hope and recovery via deep empathy and industry recognised qualifications. 


A peer worker provides emotional and social support to others with whom they share a common experience. By being able to provide genuine examples of overcoming adversities in their own journeys, peer workers can inspire empowerment and self-determination.

Support Success 

Lived experience Peer workers have usually had similar challenges to those who they work with. Peer workers may use stories of personal struggles and success in order to support others.

Hope & Recovery

When peer workers evoke lived experience, they try to do so in an optimistic manner. Peer workers aim to inspire hope and frame experiences in a positive light. Peer workers provide a lived example of recovery and focus on the benefits of the lived experience

Shared Experience

Peer work is an opportunity for mutual learning and growth. It’s about using shared experiences to come up with new strategies for future growth that ideally foster hope and possibility in both individuals. It’s also about a balance of power and mutuality, not a ‘helper-client’ scenario.

Shared Journey

Peer workers attempt to minimise power imbalances, which allows for their experiences to be shared and for both people in the peer work relationship to work together. It can be beneficial for both people in the peer relationships.

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I am having regular sessions with Shifra and she has been excellent at providing support, guidance and helping me look at the big picture.It is also fantastic that I have been able to book in last minute appointments, e.g. on the day of the session. Makes it really convenient, and means if an individual is going through something difficult, they can talk with their therapist on the day, rather than waiting for a few days.