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Tam A

Peer Worker

Hi, I’m Tam. My lived experience includes supporting and caring for my partner who lives with chronic depression and Asperger’s, and learning to live with my own Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). I experience periods of depression, low mood, and lack of motivation; and I continue to work on improving my ability to manage these- after all, ‘Life is a Journey, not a Destination’.

I’ve worked in Mental Health for four years, and I have specialised in Recovery, Mentoring and Youth Support. I have a strong interest in the effective management of day to day life and achievement of goals, including the use of narrative and mindfulness to understand one’s ‘self’.

In addition to two wonderful kids, I have an Italian Mastiff called Tyr and a turtle we call Raphaela. I love music, and my favourite genres are rock, metal or medieval folk. I’m studying a Diploma of Visual Art for fun, and find art helps me to relax and find focus. On the weekends, my family and I love to spend time together exploring outdoors and watching movies or documentaries.

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