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Kylie S

Peer Counsellor

Hi, I’m Kylie. From a young age I experienced depression and developed self harming behaviours as a way to punish myself, never feeling like I was good enough.

These self harming behaviours starting taking over and before I was 20, I had tried ending my life by suicide twice.

When I became a mum, I thought it would be the happiest moment of my life however a traumatic birth experience meant I had a new battle to fight. This battle was with PTSD and PND.

I had to learn to parent with severe mental health struggles and these were some of my darkest days. Every day I wanted the pain to stop.

I am so grateful to be here today and able to share my story of hope.

I have worked in the mental health sector since 2014 and know first hand the power in connection and being able to sit with someone needing support. I may not always have the answers, but I promise you that you aren’t alone.

"When you take the time to resist judgement and instead create a safe place for someone to tell their story, and when you express how you feel, it can literally change, and in the best case save somebody's life"

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