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Amber A

Peer Counsellor

Hi I’m Amber (She/Her). I’ve accumulated lived experience in the areas of Disability, Domestic Violence, Environmental/Disaster Trauma and Bullying. Anxiety has been a companion of mine for approximately 40 years, and it often brings its friend depression along for the ride at times too. Complex PTSD moved in, back in 2009, and at times thinks it owns the place.

Recovery is such an individual process for each person, and having accessed peer support services myself, I know how valuable it is to speak to others who understand through lived experience. I enjoy connecting with others, and supporting them with their own recovery process.

My husband and I, with our three children, live on a country property surrounded by animals. Downtime is spent reading, writing, and listening to music (and occasional breaking into dance) . I look forward to working with you. Welcome to PeerHear.