Join date: Feb 3, 2021

Chronic childhood and youth physical, psychological, and sexual abuse from both peers of multiple genders and those in an assumed position of power (people within organised religion, the health system, family, & employers) caused the mental health injuries I have experienced during my life, and I live with as an adult; Anorexia Nervosa, Anorexia Athletica, Exercise Bulimia and Body Dysmorphia, Post Natal Depression, Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD), EUPD/BPD (Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder). At 16years old some of my clothes were shoved into a garbage bag and I was kicked out of home, in the middle of the night, for asking my father to turn his loud music down, so I could sleep for school the next day. At 20, again, my father kicked me out. This time I had arrived home from work to see him standing at his front door while he and his partner ceremoniously threw my clothes and belongings on the front lawn, again, at night time and this time I had recently moved to Sydney, on his invitation to "live with him while I study". My apparent crime was 'promiscuity'. The night prior I'd had sex in my bedroom. I was 20.

About a month later I attempted suicide.

Revived, physically, but otherwise neglected by the health system and sent back into the world with no aftercare, caused re-traumatisation as an adult, again and again, by abusive people within organised religion and by employers and peers. In desperation I re-hospitalised and was given the obilgatory new diagnoses, then discharged, again with insufficient follow up and unmet needs. These unmet needs coupled with new psychological damage, this time from an employer, led to a long term depression. My confidence diminished resulting in even more needs being unmet (Connection, Physical Well-Being, Honesty, Play, Peace, Autonomy, Meaning) . It is very difficult to default to feeling happy each day when your brain has been rewired, from repeat trauma, to be fear seeking as a defence mechanism, so my approach is a combination of subscription to daily healthy habits that I know help keep me in the recovery zone and joy seeking. The routine healthy lifestyle that works for me is prescribed nutrition, prescribed supplements, prescribed herbal medicine (fortunately I am a qualified Naturopath), appropriate daily exercise, daily mindfulness, daily gratitude practice, keeping my life priorities in check, regular peer support & regular professional counselling.

Living life joyfully, for me, lincludes my connection to my natural environment, music, laughter and includes helping others, so I am grateful to have this opportunity to use my lived experience, of 40+years (combined with my counselling skills) to help you get and stay in your recovery zone 💪😊