Nikole E.

Hi, I’m Nikole (she/her).  My areas of lived experience cover toxic/abusive relationships, emotional eating/drinking, acute anxiety, panic attacks, depression, grief, miscarriage, post natal depression and suicidal ideation.  I am also the mother of children that cope with acute anxiety and depression disorders, suicidal intent and are medication resistant.

My professional mental/emotional health journey began with a Diploma in Counselling, Advanced Diploma in Counselling and Family Therapy and Graduate Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy.

I believe that it’s through the being able to tell our stories, being heard and finding meaning within our own experiences that can lead our way to hope and healing.

My happy place is the beach.  I live with my four children whom I love and adore,  and we have a dog and a very bossy cat.  I am blessed with a great family and a gorgeous tribe of friends.  Welcome to Peerhear, I look forward to connecting with you.


Shifra W.

Hi, I'm Shifra (She/Her). I have over 6/7 years experience working as a Peer Worker, Lived Experience Educator and Researcher. I have attended professional development training in complex trauma, compassion focused therapy and Emotional CPR.

I have a lived experience of bipolar, PTSD and anxiety. I have experienced discrimination, harm and also incredible hope through hospitalisation and being a 'patient' in the Australian mental health system. I want to work with other people with lived experience to support them in their recovery and discover together that there is hope. We can and do 'recover' and live lives of our choosing despite whatever symptoms or challenges we face.

I love bouldering, exercise, travel (when we can), practicing my languages, kayaking, hitting the beach with my doggo, cooking and enjoying good food and wine! 

I look forward to connecting with you and building from a point of mutual understanding, sharing and meeting you wherever you are in your life journey. Welcome to Peerhear!


Fi P.

Hi. I’m Fi (Fi). I specialise in Complex Mental Health; Trauma; Chronic Suicidality; Homelessness and Psychosocial Stressors; Domestic Violence; NDIS participation; LGBTIQ+ challenges and Recovery. 

I have had a wide and varied engagement with the mental health sector in NSW and the ACT since 2006. Originally trained as a mental health worker and later as a counsellor, I have worked in mental health rehabilitation programs, consulted as an advocate on NSW Health and Grand Pacific Health advisory committees, and consulted in co-design workgroups from a lived experience perspective on suicide intervention alternatives to hospital.

I am a parent to three beautiful young adults, am a passionate social justice advocate and an ardent lover of all things related to the arts. I look forward to getting to know you and hear about your passions! Welcome to PeerHear.

Drew Grant.jpg

Drew G. 

Hi, I am Drew (He/Him). I am a registered lived experience Psychotherapist and Counsellor. I use my own lived experience of mental ill health and spiritual journey to support you. I have been in the Mental Health, A.O.D and disability sector for 10 years.

As a peer worker, I hold great empathy for people facing challenges in their lives. I provide a safe and open space for you to express and explore your voice and your own insights, so you can positively move forward.

My training and qualifications include a Bachelor of Psychotherapy and Counselling, Advanced Diploma in Transpersonal Counselling, Mental Health & Peer Work.

I love to be outdoors exploring this great southern land, where I can connect and practice my spirituality whilst integrating it into my everyday life. Welcome to PeerHear.


Sarah R.

Hi, I'm Sarah (She/Her). I'm experienced in surviving & recovering from being a chronic and chaotic drug user. Of putting the brakes on the terrifying, emotional rollercoaster ride that manic life can be, including suicidality, shame and guilt. The anxiety of parenting my kids through it all, and as a carer teaching them on their journey through life.

I've been a peer worker for almost 20 years. I hold a Cert IV in Mental Health Peer work, and Certificates in Intentional Peer Support, Peer Supported Open Dialogue, Lived Experience Drug Support and Suicide Prevention as well as a Certificate IV in Disability and a Diploma in Community Services. Welcome to Peerhear.


Simon E.

Hi, I’m Simon (He/Him). I specialise in Depression, Anxiety and Recovery.

I have been a peer worker for nearly 4 years. I have worked in a Rehabilitation Team specialising in working on people’s individual goals to becoming independent in the community. I am very passionate and enjoy using my lived experience to help empower people on their recovery journey.

Some of my interests include walking, nature, animals, AFL and cricket.  I look forward to assisting you. Welcome to PeerHear.


Natasha J.

Hi I’m Natasha, (She/her) I have a lived experience of Depression, Disability, Anxiety, and LGBTIQA.


My journey with peer support began in 2013, where I was a Peer Support Worker at a youth inpatient unit for six years. I’m passionate about the uniqueness of peer support, and the connection that can be built through shared experience. I am also passionate about the mental health of people with a disability, and intersectionality.

I have a Bachelor of Psychological Studies, and a Masters in Social Work.

Some of my interests include going to movies, reading, and spending time with family. I look forward to assisting you. Welcome to Peerhear.


Dane C.

Hi, I am Dane (He/Him). l have a lived experience of mental ill-health and addiction. 

I have had a varied background where I've managed pubs to driving trucks and everything in between. Not feeling comfortable in my own skin has been a major hurdle throughout my life. I'm looking forward to working with other men who have struggled with a masculine identity.


I have been working as a Mental Health Support Worker 2 years. I have studied a Diploma of Mental Health and am currently studying my degree in Psychological Science and Counselling.

Originally from the southern beaches in Sydney, I moved out west to raise my young family where I can be found Bush walking, watching footy or spending time with my children. Welcome to PeerHear.


Solange B.

Hi, I’m Solange (She/her). I have experience with symptoms of anxiety and depression, and panic attacks. Learning to manage these symptoms increased my interest in peer work concepts and advocacy. I also have experience as a young carer for someone with a physical disability and chronic pain.


I’m a registered counsellor using the peer informed framework and have 3 years of experience. My training and qualifications include a Bachelor of Psychological Science, a Graduate Diploma of Counselling and Psychotherapy, and a Master of Counselling and Psychotherapy. I have attended professional development in Trauma Informed Care and Practice, Adapting Therapeutic Skills in Telehealth, and Mental Health First Aid Awareness, among others. 


I have a passion for the arts. In my spare time I paint and draw, and I also enjoy learning about film theory, photography, and graphic design. Welcome to Peerhear.


Nadia S.

Hi I’m Nadia (She/Her). My areas of lived experience are living with Bipolar Disorder; grief and loss; self-harm ideations; infertility and fertility treatments; relationship challenges; financial advice and support and coming to terms with religious identity.

I have been a Peer Worker for 2 years and enjoy studying. I have studied Early Childhood, Financial Services, Community Services, Mental Health, and have a training qualification.

I’m most at peace when I’m at the beach listening to the waves crashing. I love to travel and explore new cultures. I’m passionate about supporting people with their mental health recovery and advocating that all persons be treated with equality and value, especially the vulnerable.

I look forward to working with you. Welcome to Peerhear.


Kylie S.

Hi, I'm Kylie (She/Her). My areas of lived experience are Postnatal Depression, Post Traumatic Stress, Suicidal thoughts, Anxiety Disorder, Panic Attacks and Chronic Depression.


I know what it’s like to feel alone and not sure where to turn to next. My role as a peer worker began when I identified a gap in my recovery of finding someone who understood firsthand my challenges and could empathize during my most vulnerable moments.

I’ve been a Peer Worker for 6 years and I have studied Counselling, Community Services, Trauma Informed Care Approaches, Family and Domestic Violence, Financial Coaching and have my Certificates in St Johns First Aid and Asist's Suicide First Aid.

I am married to a wonderful husband who has been instrumental in my recovery and we have 2 beautiful sons. Self care is so important to maintaining wellness and I enjoy painting, reading, gardening and sitting by the water.

I am passionate about using my lived experience to role model positive recovery and empower others along their journeys. I believe in giving hope and empathy for another is truly life changing. You are worth it and you are not alone. I look forward to supporting you. Welcome to PeerHear

Bradkay - ChelseaE-008-EditOR.jpg

Chelsea E. 

Hi, I'm Chelsea (She/Her). I have a lived experience of being in abusive relationships from a young age. I developed eating and exercise disorders and body dysmorphia, trying to convince myself that I was loveable. This feeling of extreme low self-worth resulted in many abusive relationships until I tried to end my life at 20-years old. Having survived this, I am here to share my story of hope and resilience. 

I’ve studied and worked in healthcare for a total of 13 years. I encourage personal goals, using a model of health and wellbeing, personal development, self-esteem, independence, self-evaluation and friendship.

I live with my loving partner of 18 years, our 2 children; 11 and 13 years, our sweet Beagle and our cheeky Border Collie. Welcome to PeerHear.


Tanya Z.

Hi I’m Tanya. I have a lived experience of PTSD, depression and suicidal ideation. I have also experienced dissociation and anxiety.  I am the mother and carer of kids who have experienced major depressive disorder, anxiety and bipolar. 


My training and qualifications include diplomas in community welfare work and community development and an advanced diploma in community sector management. 


I grew up in Sydney and have 7 children, 2 grandchildren and have been married 3 times. I have a history of drug use when I was younger and had medically induced madness while on hep c treatment. I also went through open heart surgery in 2019.


I love to have people from other cultures in my life, entertain with lots of food, love and laughter. I look forward to working with you. Thank you for considering Peerhear