Peerhear, the national lived experience mental health support platform is calling for participants from Sydney for their upcoming effectiveness campaign.


We have been chosen by Head Above Water as their partner in developing tools and services to reduce the rate of suicide as well as increase the levels of mental fitness.


We require 35 extra participants to take part in a 30 day program that will provide heavily subsidized digital mental health services. 

Each participant will have access to a month of telehealth support sessions at a time convenient to them. Also, chosen at random, some will be sent mental health information, articles and education. 

Each participant will be asked to attend 1 one-on-one telehealth session and 1 (optional) online group support session per week for 4 weeks. Usually this would cost $380 but because of the sponsorship provided by Head Above Water, the subsidised cost comes to only $30 per week for 4 weeks.

After the innovation study is completed, a report will be published (all names will remain anonymous and confidential) so we can further innovate our services.


If you would like to be involved in helping shape new innovations in mental health support then we’d love for you to read this form and then fill out the waiver form by clicking the button below.